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6 Benefits To Juicing Regularly
WELLNESS 10/06/2039 12:04 AM ET
6 Benefits To Juicing Regularly

Alyssa DiBonaventura
Wellness and happiness guru, juicing addict

CC BY 4.0 Juicing by Rob Bertholf | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 beautiful faces by tommerton2010 | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
Juicing is one of the best sources of nutrition.
Juicing, as you may know, is one of those fads that comes and goes, every few years.

At the moment it's on the wane after several years of hyperpromotion, but there are still vibrant communities who swear by it as a means of cleansing, and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I've been advising my clients on the benefits of juicing for years, so of course I'm firmly on the bandwagon. But rather than being faddish, I always point to a few basic principles that make juicing a positive, healthy lifestyle addition.

As always, consult your healthcare professional before starting any nutrition plan.

1. Juicing helps with weight loss

The great thing about juicing is that you're eating the foods you should be eating to be healthy.

You can shed all those extra calories which are heading you in the wrong direction, while also getting the nutrients you should be and a sense of fullness at the same time.

2. Nutrient absorption

Some studies show that nutrients are absorbed better when fruits and vegetables are liquified.

This is an important issue, especially in western countries where diet-related nutrient deficiency is on the rise. Rapid and efficient absorption of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients can help boost the immune system.

It also allows a possibly overworked digestive system to rest.

3. A speedy way to more fruit and vegetable consumption

If you've ever made yourself a juice, you'll notice that a whole stack of produce doesn't seem to make very much.

That's partially because the insoluble fiber is removed (helping with absorption - see above). But this is actually a huge benefit. How long does it take you to eat a plate of salad? How arduous is it?

You can get a significant macronutrient boost in the time it takes to drink a 20 oz. cup.

4. A wide variety of nutrients

Following on from point number 3 is the emphasis juicing can place on getting a variety of nutrients.

This is especially important to people stuck on supplementing as a way to getting their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Your 20 oz. juice can provide enormous health benefits (again, think of the large plate of salad).

And if you juice more than once a day using different ingredients you're expanding your nutritional benefits.

5. Convenience

This is one reason why I juice daily. If you purchase a couple of good quality tumblers, you can take your juice with you. I like to walk with a juice on hand to keep me refreshed.

You can carry one around with you at work, keep one on hand for when you get home, all the while knowing that you're doing your body a massive favor!

6. Kickstart that healthy living plan

Juicing is easy. Buy a good quality juicer, and some good produce, and you'll start something. That's momentum, and you can build off that. Go from juicing once a day, to twice a day. Then start walking. Then cut out the mid-afternoon chocolate cake.

Within a few weeks, your momentum will have built up, you'll be feeling better, looking better, and on your way to a better, more healthy life!
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