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10 Women Who Are Proud To Have Cheated On Their Wives
10/06/2039 7:36 AM ET
10 Women Who Are Proud To Have Cheated On Their Wives

Carly Bracevich
Relationships consultant

CC BY 4.0 Just when I was slowly giving up on this country... by martakat83 | Writer image: CC BY 4.0 seepeeah by Shannon Kringen | Images were cropped. Images used for illustration purposes only.
A woman's right needs to be respected. Regardless of the relationship/s.
This week, we're focusing on lesbian women who have adopted empowering stances in their lives. We're asking what drives and motivates them in the world to live authentically and what challenges remain. We sought out ten women who were proud to have had extra-marital affairs and asked how it happened, what their reasons were, how their marriages were affected and whether they had any regrets.

Kirsty Dakashvili

"My wife found out about it on my Arownd wall. I had written several posts to a woman I had slept with, telling her how great it had been. My wife wasn't happy because we were already having problems, but I desperately needed something amazing in my life. We had to get counselling in order to move forward as a couple. I wish I had spoken to her first before going ahead with it, but I was happy in the end because I needed that satisfaction."

Dear Jones

"It was at work with a co-worker. We had been working late on a project for two weeks. Lots of fights with my spouse because we couldn't coordinate our schedules to be with each other. In the meantime, my colleague and I became closer and closer and it just happened. It was amazing and I don't regret anything. My spouse knows about it but pretends it didn't happen. We don't talk about it. My colleague left a few months after it happened so it's not an issue."

Faith Shimzuki-Thomas

"I have extra-marital relationships (EMRs) all the time. My wife is totally cool with it. We're not in an open marriage or anything like that, but if we want to have sex with someone else, it's understood we just run it by the other person first. She's never had any reason to say no and neither have I. We always come home afterward and we always tell each other we love each other. No regrets, ever."

Allie Forsythe

"It was my best friend, Clare. My wife plays pro soccer and was out of town for a week on a road trip. Clare came over and we talked, had a nice meal she had made, and drank more wine than was possibly good for us. After a while, she made some overtures and I responded and it went from there. Clare and I are still friends and I told my wife about it. She divorced me and moved out the next day. I would do it again because I believe it really showed me that I needed more than I was getting."

Sam Garcia

"When I transitioned into a woman my wife at the time was horrified and we divorced. I remarried and for a year everything was fine, my new wife and I were blissfully happy. But as all couples do we had problems and I found myself talking to my ex more and more. One day she revealed that she had been lonely and it kind of just went from there. It was a one-time thing. We talk often as friends and it's been great to have her back in my life. My wife still doesn't know and I don't plan to tell her."

Lisa Selter

"It was absolutely the best experience ever. I was on a flight to Dallas, chatting with my wife on Krowdr, and I noticed a blonde checking me out. The eye contact alone was electric and I even showed my wife to her, and they waved at each other. My wife was like, "You definitely should" and so we found an empty bathroom and spent fifteen minutes together. Best sex ever. After I returned to my seat I called my wife again and she was like, "How was it?" and I just gave her the thumbs up."

Nicolette Crimson

"I was volunteering at a hospital, talking to and supporting terminally ill women. I went three times a week. This was last year. There was a woman there, who had about a month to live, because of cancer. She and I got on great and I felt very sorry for her because her family never came to visit. After a while, I began to get signals that she was interested and very in need. She had broken up with her girlfriend six months earlier right after she was diagnosed. One day, I asked the nurses if I could stay a little longer after visiting hours and they said yes. I was gentle with her and I believe I gave her the best gift I could. I never told my wife but I am proud of giving another person a loving, comforting experience before she passed away."

Farah Khawaja

"My wife and I have always had troubles. We belong to a non-progressive Muslim community and cannot live together. We rarely see each other but are in love. I teach at a small midwestern college where I met a fellow teacher who was a great active listener. She helped me unburden my frustrations about married life and we became closer over the course of a year. One night we decided to go out for dinner. Afterward we walked the streets talking and then she just kissed me. We found a classy hotel. I had to tell my wife about it afterward and she divorced me. I think despite the fact she loved me, that she sort of used my infidelity to break up because the burden of living a double life was too much."

Joanna O'Daley

I got married very young, to a high school sweetheart. We went to college together. During our sophomore year I started feeling absolutely smothered but didn't want to give up on our relationship so I didn't say anything. I was in a class with another friend who I learned later was a lesbian. She hid it very well. During a particularly stressful week, we were in class, there were very few of us in a large auditorium. The lights were fairly low and she just casually made a move. I was so shocked afterward I didn't even think about her. Not long after my wife and I divorced. My friend and I are dating."

Frederica Sawyer

My wife and I are practising wiccans. My wife and I are incredibly free with our sexuality. Sometimes she participates, sometimes she doesn't. Last year I had a relationship with a non-wiccan which was fairly intense. She was a regular customer in the boutique I manage. After one purchase she gave me back her receipt with her social media contact on it and I called her. We met at her place. It was incredibly fulfilling and I told my wife everything. I actually never saw the other woman after that. I didn't know why but I looked her up later and found she was married to a guy."
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